Welcome to Wild Enviro (WE)

Hi, I’m Laura and this is my blog. My aim is to inspire passion for exploration and preservation of both wild places and wildlife.

I am pretty sure my love for all things nature began in my infancy or perhaps even beforehand. I have always been enamored with non-human creatures and their surrounds. Feeling as I too belonged outside where the earth was soft and ripe for frolicking. Luckily, my parents nurtured this appetite and the desire to actively participate in our natural world is now entrenched in my soul.

I grew up with a small menagerie of pets from fish, hermit crabs and hamsters to cats, a dog, and my very own horse. Their behaviors fascinated me as well our ability to interact in truly meaningful ways as if we were all connected. My heart had already decided that it would be my life’s work to help care for other creatures and I have been doing so professionally for the past 16 years. As a veterinary nurse I have cared for animals large and small, domestic and exotic. I am very lucky in that I have always loved my work yet I knew that I could expand my efforts. While working as the hospital manager and nurse at my local zoo I was inspired to apply for grants to help with a project in Rwanda working to save endangered grey crowned cranes. I have been assisting and supporting the project for three years now through grants, fundraisers, and on the ground providing relevant training and equipment for medicine and research. I now hope to diversify my impact to holistically help the plight of other wildlife in other wild places and inspire more people to aid in the preservation of all species.

At the beginning of April 2019 my partner and I left our secure 9 to 5’s to travel full-time for 12-18 months. We share a love of travelling and exploring new places and landscapes. We love hiking, kayaking, swimming, activities that get endorphins flowing, and immersing ourselves in whatever natural surroundings we happen upon. Alex had always wanted to travel unrestricted, seeing as much of the wild world as he could. This interested me as well, however, the thought of temporarily putting on hold my life’s work made the idea a bit harder to swallow. Luckily, as a free spirit I tend to listen to my gut which was in full support of the endeavor. We told our families, friends, and employers the news and found everyone in full support. Though, neither of us could keep our jobs for when(if) we returned. We whittled down our belongings, placed our things in storage with family and friends, rented out the house, and off we went! Fortunately, the decision allowed us to spend a whole month in Rwanda working with the endangered crane project and Alex’s computer engineering skills even came in handy. After getting a feel of what this world has to offer, I am excited to share our discoveries and hopefully motivate more people to see more of this beautiful world and get inspired to help preserve it for future generations.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Wild Enviro (WE)

  1. So proud of you Laura! I love your love of travel. Best of luck and congratulations on the the new endeavor!πŸ€πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‰β€οΈ


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